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Handcrafted with Passion

Engineered with Precision

A fractal inspired collection a result of the colaboration between Cyrille Najjar and Tony Ward Couture.
A Bespoke collection featured and celebrated during Paris Haute Couture week.

White sur White x

Tony Ward

White sur White, led by Industrial designer, architect, Cyrille Najjar has been transforming manufacturing complex 

materials, combining hand crafting and finishing bespoke products with yesterday's and today's most advanced technologies, bringing together innovation and form giving.

With more than 15 years of experience and cutting-edge know-how we take pleasure in designing, engineering and producing for some of the world's most notorious brands.

Today we decided to share our story with you, through our bespoke product range.


A collection of unique Lightings hand made by Cyrille Najjar and appeared on CNN, Beaux Arts magazine and has been featured in the world's most notorious art galleries.

Inspired by the way Vikings would assemble their ships, this Throne is made with an ancestral woodworking technique, crafted in walnut. This piece has been shown in some of the world's most prestigious galleries and published all around the world. 


A subtle collection of candle holders originally designed for the National Museum of Lebanon.

These Photophores are an expression of traditional Moucharrabieh combined with the latest manufacturing technologies and hand finished by local crafts in either silver, copper or brass.



A gift up a sleeve, this foldable collection folds in the most unusual ways. We've engineered and designed a collection of object to offer, own or display, made out of copper dipped brass, bringing to your desktop organised elegance.

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