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White sur White has been providing Architectural design services with global clients. Our team has extensive expertise in design, technical drawings and supervision of sites.


Residential Design

With clients from around the world we have our teams working in the US, Canada, UK, France and Gulf region.

We design bespoke interiors crafting custom features ranging from lighting to furniture.


With restaurants and chains designed in more than 10 countries, we specialise in delivering concepts with a unique look and feel.
You will find most of our interiors have furniture designed specifically to fit perfectly with atmosphere and visual branding of the interior.


Designing for large or small teams, we make the corporate environement feel like a second home, optimise employee management, control and ergonomy.


In the heart of Mayfair White sur White designed the Burlington Arcade's most desirable jewellery, with an intricate play on light and shadows the space creates a world of it's own.

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