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White sur White an multi award winning company that helps businesses innovate, develop value from ideas and create ecosystems for users to enjoy a holistic experience. With a long standing experience in design, innovation and architecture, our team will bring to life ideas, products, and interfaces.

Designing for fortune 500 companies, White sur White delivers simplicity at the far end of complexity. Our team is made out of some of the finest talents, and can deliver projects ranging from space, product all the way to interface.


With our multi-disciplinary approach in architecture and innovation the agency is at the intersection of architecture, technology, and materials.

we specialised since 1999 in corporate and commercial spatial design,


White sur White has been developing architectures, patents and technologies worldwide: among its clients are L'Oréal, Yamaha, EADS, Artemide, Unilever, Mothercare. Prizes include CES 2018 -2019 Innovation award, Design for our future self award and the Helen Hamlyn research center award, Harvard startup award, IE business school 1st prize, UKLTH 1st prize, Mass Challenge UK.




Founder of White sur White

CEO of White Lab

Teaching fellow UCL London, UK
Honorary Fellow Cambridge University, CJBS

Cyrille Najjar is a graduate from the Royal College of Art, with two masters in architecture and industrial design innovation; Founder of the multi-award winning company White sur White, an interdisciplinary architecture and design agency at the intersection of innovation, technology and materials, consultant for numerous fortune 500 companies.

CEO of White Lab, a healthcare analytics and biotechnology company that specialises in particle and allergen identification, he has won multiple prizes for his technologies and patents.

Professor at ALBA and LAU, he has been teaching design thinking, innovation and architecture for more than 9 years.

Designated expert of the French Think Tank “The Internet of things"

With an executive education from UCL, Gazelles and Babson College Boston, Cyrille combines the intricacies of business modelling, strategy and innovation with an emphasis on prototyping and design thinking.

Cyrille Najjar’s designs appeared in TED and won first place in Harvard innovation, Instituto de Empresa IOT, UKLTH, Yamaha, Helen Hamlyn Center, Design for our future self award and was featured on CNN, BBC, WSJ amongst others. He was also published in the Herald Tribune, Wallpaper, Icon Magazine, La Croix, Monocle, but also science and technology publications like Science et vie, Tech city insider, Entrepreneur, Executive, Wamda, and Huffington Post to name a few.

Designing unconventional structures and musical instruments, he has been heavily involved in the reinvention of vehicles for limited mobility users, eye-tracking software, allergen monitoring technologies and smart furniture. Immersed in renewable energy-based products for the masses, and specifically for crisis-based refugees, he designed an acclaimed innovative solar unit at the francophone games.

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