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A fractal inspired collection a result of the colaboration between Cyrille Najjar and Tony Ward Couture.
A Bespoke collection featured and celebrated during Paris Haute Couture week.

Building products people love

WW Ventures has been at the forefront of technology, materials, and interdisciplinary design.

Our methodology focuses on understanding deep customer insights and using continuous feedback from our testers to build products people need and love. 

In the past year alone we have helped companies build products that transformed the lives of thousands of people, in the medical, consumer, retail and financial sector. This was celebrated with more than 6 awards on three continents, of which 2 CES Awards.

By using lean methodologies and design thinking, we transform products into an experience that profoundly changes the user-brand relationship. 

Solar Cell

Transforming technology and power storage and generation, Solar cell was one of the selected innovations at the francophone games and was celebrated as one of the most innovative and transformational breakthroughs for solving the energetic problems of refugees and emerging countries.

Air Violin

With sonic properties 2.4x superior to anything on the market this single block of Rosewood carved electrical violin uses Piezoelectric technology for a true conversion from analog to digital signals allowing the musician to feel every micron of the wood resonate under his bow.

Architecture, an experience of time in space.

WW Ventures | Architecture is a department dedicated to designing spaces and interiors for some of the world's biggest companies, centered around human interactions and sustainability we have designed, engineered and finalised hotels, offices, retail, residential and commercial projects around the world.

With more than 20 years experience and a holistic approach to human centered design our teams design the space, the technology, the furniture and all the way down to the very unique details that make your spaces stand out and technology seamless.


& Lecavelier

In the heart of Mayfair White sur White designed the Burlington Arcade's most bespoke jewellery, with an intricate play on light and shadows the space creates a dimension of it's own.

Le 16e

A beautiful interior set in the heart of Haussmanian Paris. W/W reimagined entirely the traditional Haussmanian architecture, preserving all the history of the building yet adding a touch of modernity to the space.

Companies we design for

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